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Who We Are.

Babes Only is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and educating women. The org was founded on October 5th, 2016 and since then has been featured in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Detroit, and London. We host an assortment of events including: Workshops, conversations, and parties. Throughout the years we have worked with hundreds
of women creatives and women owned businesses.
Our continuous goal is to highlight BABES and make a positive impact in our community as well as on our planet. 💋

Evanescia Thompson

Founder | CEO | GEMINI

Inspired by everything in Chicago, Evie started blogging under EvieTheCool in 2011. Four years later she became a DJ which lead to the creation of Babes Only. The organization has helped her not only grow but also heal through the power of women.

Ashley De La Torre

Project Manager


Ashley De la Torre, also known as Mo Mami, is a Chicago

native who's work surrounds the empowerment, beauty and interconnectedness of her community. Her DJ journey as Mo

Mami began in January 2019 and has lead her to perform in festivals, venues and events across the nation. 


Colleen Mayer

Social Media Manager | Photographer | Project Manager

Originally from Greater Detroit Area, Colleen was a 4 year college athlete and moved to Chicago in July of 2019. Works within marketing, brand management and helping people thrive creatively.

Melissa Reyes

Project Manager | Demographer

Melissa has been assisting the organization for a year now.

She is truly inspired by Babes Only and enjoys being able to create events and spaces that are open for all and led by women.


Diana Pietrzyk

Art Director I Graphic Designer | Capricorn


Diana is a multidimensional artist from Chicago. She has been an Artist/ graphic designer for 6+ years and specializes in GIFs and all things that twinkle + Glow. Her beautiful work has been featured in Time Square.  

Susana Campos

Treasurer | Libra

Suzy is passionate about women’s leadership and education, equity, and social justice. She’s a corporate girly with 9 years of experience working in Finance, and prior experience teaching for Chicago Public Schools. 


Sarah Bruno

Grant Writer | Libra 

Dr. Sarah Bruno is the Diasporas Solidarity Lab Postdoctoral Fellow (2023) and incoming Assistant Professor in the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University. Born and raised in Chicago, Sarah's research, pedagogy and art lie at the intersections of ethnography, performance, diaspora, and digitality. She is currently writing her first manuscript, Black Rican Dexterity where she uses the Afro-Puerto Rican genre of bomba as a site and method in constructing a cartography of Black Puerto Rican femme feeling throughout history. She is a member of the Black Latinas Know Collective and is one of the lab leads of Taller Entre Aguas, micro lab within the Diasporas Solidarity Lab, that focuses on Black Puerto Rican digital spaces, data, and lives beyond and against the archives. Dr. Bruno has collaborated with BabesOnly in her "Black Latinx in Hip Hop and Reggaeton" and "The Ethics of Hip Hop" courses at Stanford University, Duke University, Rice University, and now Michigan State University.
No matter where she goes, the Babes go!

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